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Advantages Of Eating Dried Fruits

It is no secret that most of you like fresh fruits. They are sweet and have that fresh feeling attached to them. So why in the world would one dry these fruits? Well the most common reason is to increase the shelf life and portability of these fruits. There are numerous benefits to eating these dried fruits and they include:

Fruits in dried state help prevent heart diseases. This can be mainly attributed that the fruits have no cholesterol and have a lot of monosaturated fats that improve cardiovascular health. In addition, they also are high in nutrients such as vitamin B6, omega 3 and essential amino acids. They play to prevent blockages in vessels, irregular heart rhythm, and inelasticity of vessels.

They also help by controlling blood pressure. Blood pressure is stabilized to optimum parameters by consumption of dried almonds and pistachios. In addition, fruits like raisins will help neutralize acids present in blood thus preventing acidosis. This can be attributed to the high content of magnesium and potassium it possesses. Studies have reveled they can even control blood pressure.

Having dried fruits is also a great way of maintaining weight. They usually have a high amount of dietary fiber and a high energy density. People suffering from anemia can effectively gain weight by eating dried fruit and they can also benefit from the vitamins and minerals they supply. Cashews, raisins, and dates are especially useful to maintain ones weight.

They are also beneficial in that they help with constipation. This is largely attributed to the high fiber content the fruits possess. When one consumes raisins for example, they swell due to its fibers absorbing water thus reliving one from constipation. In addition, the fibers add bulk to food so that food material can move smoothly throughout the intestines. Soaked dates can provide a laxative effect giving relief and also helps in giving rise to friendly bacteria in the intestine that aid indigestion.

Hemoglobin levels can improve by consuming fruits in dried state. They usually have a high concentration of unsaturated fats, vitamin B, phosphorous, copper and iron among others that help in increasing hemoglobin levels and manufacture of new blood cells. In addition, they also help to keep energy levels at a high and one is able to stay alert improving their memory. Cashew nuts, prunes, and almonds can especially help with this property.

Due to their high anti-oxidant content, dried fruits can help in reducing cancer risks. Studies have shown that almonds are strong suppressors of prostrate and lung tumor growth. In addition, the flavonoids, in almonds have been shown to prevent breast cancer and reduce cancer growth. The anti-oxidant property also makes this fruits to eliminate free radicals, which are a major source of cancer.

The dried fruits also help in slowing down the rate of aging and help one in maintain healthy glowing skin. Soaking almonds overnight then crushing them and mixing with milk will form a paste which when applied to the skin will leave it glowing. In addition, omega 3, vitamin E and a range of special acids in dried fruits remove wrinkles and fight off free radicals thus slowing the aging process.

Posted By Darcy C. Brooks